Question: Statistics:-Binomial obviously gives wrong results

Hi :-(

Just type this little set of lines (presently in Maple 2018, not checked for older versions)

N := ... Some integer value >= 2;  
X := RandomVariable(Binomial(N, 1/2)); 
plot(CDF(X, s), s=-1..N+1, gridlines=true, axis[1]=[gridlines=N+1]);

You will be horified by the results you obtain:
Whatever the value of n in [2, 5] the CDF is null for s < 0 (good), equal to 1 for s > N (good also) ... and equal to 1 in between

I didn't check with p = 0.5 instead of 1/2, neither for other values.
Surprinsingly the PDF is correct for any integer n


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