Question: How do I create library (lib), MLA, or other ?? to store custome procs and data



   What is the best way to create and save a library file with things like constants, procs, etc.


My work domain is the physical atmosphere and get tired of calling the many different scientific packs, copying over standard variables, running initition procs to start a new work book.


I'd like a worksheet, or library that has the ~10-20 basic scientific properties of dry air, most air, the reynolds calcs as a proc, etc.   A second call would be to standard material props lib used in our aero business.


I have not yet used Maple library tools to create a library and the initial documentation is a bit thin about differences and best practices.  I have tried to put this into the startup code section but then it's copy paste from file to file.  The best would be to load the file that is maintianed in one location, but used by many worksheet/docs.


I'd like to just have a basic "Initiate proc()" that would call a lib, or multiple lib/packages data to set all my globals, establish my physical prorperties, set the units system, etc.  upon opening and file initialization.   


I am also confused about "lib", ".M", ".mla" differences and modules versus libraries.   I do think I understand packages as sort of a proc library - just called packages ??   am I correct.  I have never tried to create or establish one. 


The issue for me with packages vs lib, modules and some confusion on the method procedures to set them up and get them properly instantiated when called.. 


So, do these lib, packages, modules have instantiation / initiation specifics to make them available when creating the package/lib  to use the with() command? 


I tried save and read with limited success.


Any recomendations welcome.  The last time I created libs was in C.  


Sorry if this is possibly confusing the different methods.  Is there a really good book/tutorial on file management, especially libraries, proc, module definition and storage benefits.  Best practices for maple?






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