Question: Numerical Round Off ?

This is a follow up question to


with(Physics, KroneckerDelta);

Digits := 15;

t4 := 1/3;

n := 4;

q := 4/7;

i1 := evalf(Int(t^n*exp(-t)*GAMMA(2*q-2, t*(1-t4)*(1/t4)), t = 0 .. infinity, method = _d01amc));

i2 := expand(simplify(GAMMA(2*q-2)*add(binomial(n, m)*(KroneckerDelta[m, 0]-GAMMA(3-2*q)*(1/GAMMA(3-2*q-m))*t4^m*(1-t4)^(2*q-2))*(-1)^m*factorial(n-m), m = 0 .. n)));



i3 := expand(simplify(eval((-1)^n*GAMMA(2*q-2)*(diff((1-(1+t4*x*(1/(1-t4)))^(2-2*q))*(1/x), x$n)), x = 1)));




Interestingly this works up to n=3. It seems that the second term is wrongly manipulated and it should be 168/6 instead of 175/6?


I doubt the derivatives are wrong since I checked individually. I also hardly doubt this is a numerical round off, as the discrepancy is too large.

Is this a bug, or is there actually an error?

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