Question: How to "showstat" all the procedures within a module?


I have written a module M which contains some procedures P1, P2, ...
This module contains the statement option package.

In a separate worksheet I type the command L := with(M) to load this module and stack in the list L the names of all the procedures M contains.
I would like now to use showstat to display the content of all these procedures..

I thus typed:
for p in L do  showstat(p) end do;

I got an error saying that showstat expects a name as argument.
In the command above p is not a name but a symbol.

Is there a possibility to "showstat" all the procedures M contains ?

Motivation:I'd like to count the number of command lines in module M (showstat removes the lines of comments) ... maybe there exist an other way than using showstat ?

Thanks in advance

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