Question: Error that should not really occur

I am a little confused by why this error occurs in the second line and not the first, as well as the weird details specified in it. I don't know if the commands that are being called are inbuilt or not, but it is a safe bet that they will be. thankyou.


MAX := max({[seq(seq(n-(n^k-floor(n^(1/k))^(k-1)*igcd(floor(ithprime(n)^k/n^k), floor(n^(1/k))))^(1/k), n = 2 .. 100), k = 2 .. 100)][]}):

seq(seq(piecewise(radnormal(n-(n^k-floor(n^(1/k))^(k-1)*igcd(floor(ithprime(n)^k/n^k), floor(n^(1/k))))^(1/k)) = MAX, [n, k], NULL), n = 2 .. 100), k = 2 .. 100)

Error, (in radnormal/rational/nthpower) cannot determine if this expression is true or false: iroot(646162507019111437893207695980096110233782566593779/(_c27_37*_c25_38), [_c25_38, 1]) < 0





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