Question: Teaching Maple a new rule

Consider the family of functions "{`f__n`   : -infinity< n<infinity}," where the index n is
integer, and f__n; proc (R) options operator, arrow; R end proc.   It is known that diff(f__n(x), x) = `f__n-1`(x) for all n.


I want to convey that information to Maple.  For instance, given the input
diff(f[3](x),x), Maple should return f__2(x).  Similarly:
diff(f[3](x), x$2)                   should return   f__1(x)
f[4](x)*diff(f[3](x),x)^5   should return   f__4(x)*f__2(x)^5

What is a good way of doing that?


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