Question: What is the conception of “process” and “task” keys in parallel programming?


Dear All,

I am studying parallel programming in Maple. Two words are important keys in parallel programming. The one is “task”, and another is “process”. In the help pages of Maple are said the Grid:-Map package is executed in separate “processes”, while the Threads:-Map command is tried to divide the input into separate “tasks”.

  1. What is the difference between the “process” and “task” conception and meaning in Threads and Grid packages?
  2. What is the discrepancy between Grid:-Map and Threads:-Map commands in the practice and execution?
  3. Between the “process” and “task”, which one of them does have the smaller run-time?
  4. What is the default value of “tasksize” option in Grid:-Map and Threads:-Map commands,
  5. Does or the larger value of the “tasksize” option results in smaller run-time either the smaller value of that?


Can anyone explain to me the above questions?

Thanks in advance,

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