Question: how to prevent Maple from doing pole/zero cancellation on polynomial?

The following transfer function has zero/pole cancelation. I am trying to create a transfer function object, but Maple automatically simplifies the transfer function before it gets to the DynamicSystem call, which result in different output than what I expected.

I do set the cancellation=false option, even though this is the default. The problem is Maple does pole/zero cancelation before the call.

I tried to add '' around it to delay evaluation, but it did not work.  

tf:=DS:-TransferFunction('-(s - 1)/((-2 + s)*(s - 1))'):

You can see it did pole/zero cancelation.

In Matlab and Mathematica, this does not happen. For example

sys = TransferFunctionModel[-(s - 1)/((-2 + s) (s - 1)), s]

Same with Matlab:

>> s=tf('s');
>> sys_tf =-(s - 1)/((-2 + s)*(s - 1))

sys_tf =
     -s + 1
  s^2 - 3 s + 2
Continuous-time transfer function.

What do I need to do in Maple to keep the transfer function without pole/zero cancelation (this affects the state space realization later on when this cancelation happens)

I am using Maple 2019 at this moment as Maple 2020 is busy.


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