Question: Cannot update the Maple Physics Package

I  installed Maple 2020 a week ago.   When I try to update the Maple Physics Package, the installation stalls.

Output to the command  Physics:-Version(latest):

`The "Physics Updates" version "872" is installed but is not active. The active version of Physics is within the library C:\\Program Files\\Maple 2020\\lib\\maple.mla, created 2020, March 4, 19:36 hours`

I note that there was similar complaint in June.  I am surprised that this has not yet been fixed. The reply in June seemed to be do a manual update, but I am unclear how to do that.   I can download the latest package, but I do not know how to  (or where) to install this package.  Do I just delete the version in C:\\Program Files\\Maple 2020\\lib\\maple.mla and paste the new version?

I would greatly appreciate any help since the main reason I purchased the new Maple 2020 was to use the most recent versions of the Physics package.

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