Question: How do I extract a list of results as a column to be pasted in an Excel worksheet?

For example, the line:

> for x from 1 by 0.2 to 2 do print (fsolve (x*y = 1)) end do;

returns a list of 6 values of y. Is there any way of transferring this list into a spreadshhet program, such as SigmaPlot or Excel, as a column other than cutting-and-pasting? A simple cut-and-paste (I've tried) leaves empty cells in-between entries. An alternative is to right-click with the mouse and choose "Conversions" => "Make into List" or "Make into Set", which results in:

> R1 := {.8333333333, .5555555556, .6250000000, 1., .7142857143, .5000000000};

> R0 := [1., .8333333333, .7142857143, .6250000000, .5555555556, .5000000000];

These can be saved into a text file that can be opened in Excel and only needs to be transposed (the results are pasted as a row). Although the solution above would be fine for a small number of values, it would be cumbersome for a larger number of values.



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