Question: How do I approximate a "smooth" piecewise function by means of a polynomial?

I am currently struggling with a piecewise functions. Seeing as this function is defined over a large number of breakpoints, it would seem that Maple is unable to execute a certain integration (over a particular interval). Since the first derivatives match up at all breakpoints and the piecewise function looks perfectly smooth to my eyes, I figured that I might obtain a sensible result approximating the function by means of a polynomial and integrating based on the resulting approximation. When I try to use minimax from numapprox, however, I just receive an error message to the effect that:

Error, (in evalf/int/CreateProc) function does not evaluate to numeric

I'd very much appreciate it if anyone had any pointers on how I might find a reasonably precise (not necessarily polynomial) approximation for a seemingly smooth piecewise function with a large number of breakpoints.

Many thanks.

Edit: Please find attached my worksheet: My goal is to approximate the function Z over the interval 5/3 to 5 by something that is not defined in a piecewise manner.



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