Question: Polygonplot3d not plotting expected vectors

What im trying to do is build a 14 faced polyhedron from 9 vertices however when i try to plot 1 of these faces as defined by these vectors using polygonplot3d,

A1 := Vector([17/2, 0, 0]); A2 := Vector([-17/2, 0, 0]); B1 := Vector([0, 11/2, sqrt(166/4)]);
polygonplot3d(A1, A2, B1) polygonplot3d(A1, A2, B1)

the resulting graph plots the points, [17/2,-17/2,0],[0,0,11/2],[0,0,sqrt(166/4)] instead of how they are given by their vectors. It plots correctly if i use "polygonplot3d(Matrix([A1, A2, B1]))" but this does not scale well to my full polyhedron as Im not sure how to choose my faces in that regard. Is there any way I can force polygonplot3d to actually plot the vectors as points properly. Or is it simplist to convert all my vectors to lists first before plotting?

Thanks a lot, Seb


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