Question: how do i can solve a trigonometric equation which is restricted arguments?

hello dear friends

i want to solve an equation about adding three cosine term which are constrained:

cos(2 pi(x+y-2z))+cos(2 pi(y+z-2x))+cos(2 pi(z+x-2y))=0 

with constraint 0<x<1,x<y<1,y<z<1

can some one please guide me?

i wrote this command but it did not work:

solve({cos(2*Pi*(x+y-2*z))+cos(2*Pi*(y+z-2*x))+cos(2*Pi*(z+x-2*y)) = 0, 0 <= x, x <= 1, y <= 1, z <= 1, x < y, y < z}, [x, y, z], explicit)

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