Question: display values in plot legend in Engineering number format

How (can I?) display the value in a legend in Engineering format -- 10^3, 10^-6, etc?

Lres := 1/((2*Pi*freq)^2*Cres);
ftest := 10e6;
p1 := plot(eval(subs(freq = ftest, Lres)), Cres = 0.10000000 .. 0.10000000, labels = [Cres, 'Lres'], legend = ftest, color = red, title = 'Inductance*Value*as*a*Function*of*Resonant*Capacitance', axis = [gridlines = [default]]);

I would like the legend to display 10^6 rather than 1^7.

I've tried changing the default number format for the whole worksheet to Engineering, but that doesn't seem to apply to legends.


thank you.

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