Question: non graphable function

Hello, i stumbled across a function that does not want to plot regularly.

The translation: The tension U(t) (in volts) measured across a resistance in a electric circuit is given by U(t)=cos(2t)*U*e^t/10.

a. Plot the graph of y=U(t)
b.Calculate the limit t->infinity and acquire the horizontal asymtote of the graph of y=U(t). 
c. Calculate the intersecting points of the graph of U with horizontal asymptote (dont ask me how, while how can a function intersect with its own asymptotes??). 

So the question actually is how to graph this function?
Maybe then i can make up from that how the function intersects with its own asymptotes.

Thank you!


The Function.  

"U(t):=U*(e)^(-(t)/(10))*cos(2* t);smartplot(U(t));"

proc (t) options operator, arrow, function_assign; U*exp(-(1/10)*t)*cos(2*t) end proc





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