Question: The speed of VertexConnectivity in maple  needs to be greatly improved.


VertexConnectivity returns the vertex connectivity of a graph, that is the minimum number of vertices whose removal disconnects the graph.  When I was filtering some graphs with a certain  vertex connectivity, maple was much slower than mathematica. I'm going to store all graphs in file  named op21new.g6.  When mathematica selects all graphs with a connectivity of 6, it only takes 15 seconds to complete.

mma codes are the following 

L = Import[
  "C:/Users/asus/Desktop/op21new.g6"]; # Change this line
t = AbsoluteTiming[L1 = Select[L, VertexConnectivity[#] == 6 &];]

{15.6484, Null}

But my maple has been running for half an hour and it is not over yet.

L:=ImportGraph("C:/Users/asus/Desktop/op21new.g6", graph6, output=list): # Change this line

Because Mapleprimes does not support graph6 format file uploading, I changed it to TXT format. If you want to use it, you only need to change the suffix name.


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