Question: Maple hangs when quitting debugger and there is next call to same function that uses the debugger.

Should Maple hangs when one quits a debugger in the middle of debugging session, and there is a call to the same function with a DEBUG break point in it next?

For example

  local x;
end proc;

And now in the next same execution group, I had

> foo(); #quitting debugger here makes Maple hangs/freeze



When evaluating the above, the debugger comes up as expected when first call to foo() is made.

When quitting the debugger either by hitting Quit or by hitting the close red X at top right corner, Maple now hangs. I was expecting the debugger to come up again for the second call to foo().  

It seems closing the debugger window like this for some reason is not handled correctly. Even if the user is not supposed to do this, Maple should not just freeze like this.

Nothing I do causes it to unfreeze. Clicking on the ! button does nothing. Only way is to either kill Maple from task manager or close all of Maple if possible and sometimes this does not even work, ending possibly losing work done on other open worksheets.

Maple should be more robust that this. Does this happen on other platforms?

This problem does not happen if the calls were each in a separate execution group in the worksheet. Like this

> foo();

> foo();

Using Maple 2021.2 on windows 10.

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