Question: Error with dsolve

Dear all,

I'm using Maple to calculate the geodesics of the Poincare' Half Plane:

with(LinearAlgebra): with(DifferentialGeometry): with(Tensor): with(Tools): with(plots): 
g1 := evalDG(1/y^2*(dx &t dx+dy &t dy))
R1 := CurvatureTensor(g1)
K := SectionalCurvature(g1,R1,D_x,D_y)
Gamma := Christoffel(g1)
C := [x(t), y(t)]
V := GeodesicEquations(C, Gamma, t)
DE := Tools:-DGinfo(V, "CoefficientSet")

simplify(dsolve(DE, explicit))

I receive this error message

Error, (in simplify/siderels:-simplify/siderels) specified variables must be names or functions

How can I fix this error?

Thanks, Nicola

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