Question: Help with assumptions and complex numbers

I'm trying to solve a coupled inductor problem.  All I'm trying to do is solve for the currents (which I could do), then solve for resonance by setting the imaginary part of I1 to 0 and solving for omega.  I then want to plug this resonant frequency back into I1 and evaluate it for some component values and coupling coefficient.

The problem is that even though I define the various variables as real,  Maple doesn't seem to recognize them as such.  I suspect I've failed to define one of them, and that is why it is responding like it is, but I can't find it.  

I'm also getting some weird behavior.....for example if I type :  wres0, I get the value I assigned to it --that's fine.  But then, when I type : wres0/(2*pi), I get an error, "Error, unable to parse 'mverbatim"   --- what does this mean?

This should be a pretty straight forward calculation on Maple, but at this point, I think I may be better off doing it by hand!  I appreciate any help you can provide.  Thank you.

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