Question: Summation Question


I am transitioning from Mathcad to Maple, and I am currently working on some code to do a Gage R&R study using ANOVA. The attached math is from the 4th edition of the MSA manual. I got it to work in Mathcad, although I had to adjust things since Mathcad does not support 3D matrices.

My input matrix is a 2D matrix in which each cell contains a vector of measurements. In Maple, I seem to be able to make a 3D array with my data (if it is easier).

I have searched for a couple days for the right syntax. I am able to get the "right" number for SSA using my 2D Mathcad matrix--at least it is really close--but the other varibles are woefully off.

I would appreciate it if someone could at least point me in the right direction. Thanks.


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