Question: is it possible to keep GAMMA(1,x) as is and not rewrite it to Ei(1,x)?

I am reading some expressions from file.

In the file, it is written as GAMMA(-1,x). When read into Maple using the read file command, it shows as  1/x*Ei(2,x)

I know these are the same mathematically. But I am translating these expressions to sagemath. in sagemath, Ei only accepts one argument.

Now the translator sees Ei in the input, then it keeps it as Ei as it does not know it was the GAMMA with two arguments,  which gives an error when used by sagemath since sagemath only has the one argument version of Ei.

If Maple would keep GAMMA(-1,x) as is, then the translator will just translate it to gamma(-1,x) which works in sage.

To keep things simple, I was wondering if there an option to tell Maple to keep the input as GAMMA(-1,x) and not rewrite to Ei?

Otherwise I would have to now parse each Ei to see if it is the two argument version or the one argument version, and use gamma  for the 2 argument version to keep sage happy which will complicate things for me. 


               Ei(2, x)/x

Maple 2022.1

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