Question: unable to implicit plot a procedure

I have a problem in plotting bellow function. actually because my main program is not working so I decided to do it in simple way. I found that my program in maple can't plot the function I introduced it as a procudure and is an implicit function. can you help me please?

>EQ := proc(x, t) local y, m, func;
                 m := 3;
                 func := m*x^2 + t*y^2 = 4;
          end proc;

>eq := EQ(x, 10);                              
                     eq := 3*x^2  + 10*y^2  = 4

>implicitplot(eq, x = -1 .. 1, y = 0 .. 2)
 Error, (in plots/implicitplot) invalid input: the following extra unknowns were found in the input expression: {y}


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