Question: is it possible to make Maple accept a^b^c as a^(b^c) when converting Mathematica expression?

Every time I convert Mathematica expressions to Maple in order to use them there, I have to spend hrs by hand adding () around places in the input Mathematica expression because Maple complains about a^b^c.

The problem is that Mathematica has no problem with this, as it always takes a^b^c as a^(b^c). Here is an example to illustrate

But in Maple



So I have to edit the input by hand


The problem is that this is how Mathematica produces the expressions, and I have no way to tell Mathematica to put an extra () around to clear this ambiguity,

So I am hoping there is a way in Maple to do it. May be using some option? I know even using Maple own expressions, it complains about this:


But in Mathemtica it accepts this

If there is no way to change this behavior maple, else it means I have to spend hrs again editing all the Mathematica input by hand before using MmaTranslator:-FromMma each time. There are 100's of these in each file.

I think Maple here is not behaving the same as other CAS system. In Fricas it also works as is

(1) -> x^y^z

   (1)  x

Same in Maxima

(%i2) x^y^z;  
(%o2)                                x

Same in Giac

0>> x^y^z

And in every other CAS system I tried. It is only Maple who complain about this.

Any suggestions for workaround?

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