Question: How to export C code generated by the CodeGeneration package to a file (to import it to MapleSim)

A "while" ago this was possible by commands. E.g.:


I consulted the help pages for Export and CodeGeneration options, but could not find anything suitable to generate a C code file.

Did I overlook something or searched for the wrong help pages?

If such options no longer exist, what is the preferred way to transfer C code from Maple to MapleSim?

Am I supposed to copy, paste & save with a third party editor? If I do so for a C code generated from a Maple procedure (generated with makeproc), I get

A complete example that works in 2022 versions would be helpfull. The tutorial "6.6 Tutorial 6: Using the External C Code/DLL Custom Component App" unfortuneately does not include code generated by Maple that can be imported, compiled, simulated and verified against a MapleSim model as in the example from youtube (which is still very instructive by the way). 

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