Question: strange characters in Maple's code editor on .mpl files using Maple 2023

in Maple 2023 one can do File->Open and select an .mpl file and that will automatically open in new window using code editor.  see Maple2023-CodingTools.pdf

One problem I saw right away on windows 10, is that the diagonstic window has funny character at the end of the messages. Here is screen shot


To see if you reproduce this, here is the code I used. Simply save this in foo.mpl file and then use Maple file->open to open it (must use 2023 only for this to work)

A_class :=module()
    option object;

    #my variable
    export c::integer;

    export a::integer;

end module;


That is not all. If I simply shift the code up so the starting line in the file is not empty as above, the funny characters change to something else



Yet, it is the same exact code.  Can any one confirm this problem, and how to fix it so one can read the variable name?


I think I will stick to using notepad++ for my .mpl files for now.


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