Question: How collect a list of homogeneous polynomials w.r.t. their degree?

Hi every one

Let F=[f1,...,f10] be a  list of homogeneous polynomials with different degrees. I want to create a list of lists s.t. any list satisfies the following conditions:

1. all elements of a list have the same degree.

2. the lists contained in the main list sort increasingly.

For example if F=[x-y, y+z, x^3-xyz+z^3, y^3-xz^2, y^6-x^4y^2, x^5y-z^6+x^2y^2z^2] then 

L=[[x-y, y+z],[x^3-xyz+z^3, y^3-xz^2],[y^6-x^4y^2, x^5y-z^6+x^2y^2z^2]] is the output.

Thanks for your answers.

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