Question: Plotting a sequence against a variable

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I hope everyone is fine. I want to plot the following sequence in 3d for t=0..1 and x=-pi..pi;

[0., 0.4995839572e-1*sin(x), 0.9966865249e-1*sin(x), .1488899476*sin(x), .1973955598*sin(x), .2449786631*sin(x), .2914567945*sin(x), .3366748194*sin(x), .3805063771*sin(x), .4228539261*sin(x), .4636476090*sin(x), .5028432109*sin(x), .5404195003*sin(x), .5763752206*sin(x), .6107259644*sin(x), .6435011088*sin(x), .6747409422*sin(x), .7044940642*sin(x), .7328151018*sin(x), .7597627549*sin(x), .7853981634*sin(x)];

In the sequence first entry (0) for t=0, second (0.4995839572e-1*sin(x)) for t=0.05, third (0.9966865249e-1*sin(x)) for t= 0.1 and so on the last entry (.7853981634*sin(x)) for t=1. In addition, how do I plot if the number of points exceeds in the sequence for example 100 or 1000 points, but the difference between two consecutive values for t is the same here the difference is Delta*t=0.05.

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