Question: How does one insert a superscript number in a plot title


In a plot title, I want  A^(1)(x) to appear - that is, the first derivative of the function A(x) with the "1" enclosed in brackets because that is the standard notation for derivatives of the special function A.

Alternatively, I'll be happy to use A'(x) - and I know that there are calculus characters on the pallet that are supposed to do that, but they all just become Diff and that is no good for other reasons.

So, here is the closest I've come:


and that almost works, except if I change the [1] to (1), Maple tries to evaluate it as an expression and it disappears. If I change 1 to 2 it works fine, except I want the first derivative.

I've tried quotes, uneval, backquotes and all I get is an error or the quotes showing up as text.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thank you.

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