Question: Units and Scientific Constants

What's the deal here? When I load Tools>Load Package>Units I get those brackets on the left side of the document along with a red >. I never got them before and now they show up on every new document. Not a big deal, I suppose, but when I hit the !!! the brackets and red >s start to proliferate. A couple more clicks of !!! and my worksheet is covered in them. I can't help but suspect, also, that this is related to the error message I get at the end of this worksheet. I have done a dimension analysis on the last equation and everything cancels to "K" which is as it is supposed to be but my worksheet doesn't seem to think so. (BTW, the brackets on the left side of the worksheet for some reason don't appear when I post it here.) Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong? View 5057_Units and Scientific on MapleNet or Download 5057_Units and Scientific
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