Question: preventing blank pages from print/PDF

I'm using Maple 12.02 on a Mac under OS X.4.11 (Tiger).

Most times when I print a worksheet, or preview it or save it to a PDF, the result includes one or more blank pages.  That is, they are blank except for the vertical lines at left and right margins.  All of the worksheet material is printed, but blank pages are inserted seemingly at random.  I've found no extraneous markings on the worksheet that might cause this, and I haven't figured out how either to prevent it or to delete the blank pages from the PDF file.

I know there are commercial apps capable of editing PDF files, but I don't have any of them, nor could I find free or inexpensive ones.

Have others run into this problem and found a solution?  I would welcome suggestions.  Thanks.

- Dushan Mitrovich


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