Question: part of math expression ignored

Maple 12.02 on a Mac running OS X.4.11.

As a first step trying to simplify a longish expression (pasted together from separate parts), I copy it to a scratch worksheet and ask it be displayed.  It shows up (2D Math mode) with the front part of it missing.  When I step through the expression with the arrow keys, the mode stays the same, so there doesn't seem to be break in it.  Here's the expression and its displayed form, pasted into the box that appears on clicking on the Maple leaf icon above this message input area:

"(R[T] - epsilon[x]*w)*" 2 R[Z] - Z ---------------- 2 R[Z] (R[Z] - Z) " - " "(R[T]" "+ epsilon[x]*w)*" > (2*R[-Z]-Z)/(R[-Z]^2*(R[-Z]-Z))+epsilon[x]*(1/R[-Z]+1/R[Z]-2/R[0])-epsilon[y]*Y*((X+w)/R[-Z]+(X-w)/R[Z]-2*X/R[0])/omega^2+epsilon[x]*w*(1/R[-Z]^2+1/R[Z]^2)-4*R[T]*w*X/(R[-Z]^2*R[Z]^2); print(`output redirected...`); # input placeholder 2 R[-Z] - Z / 1 1 2 \ ------------------ + epsilon[x] |----- + ---- - ----| 2 \R[-Z] R[Z] R[0]/ R[-Z] (R[-Z] - Z) /X + w X - w 2 X \ epsilon[y] Y |----- + ----- - ----| \R[-Z] R[Z] R[0]/ / 1 1 \ - ----------------------------------- + epsilon[x] w |------ + -----| 2 | 2 2| omega \R[-Z] R[Z] / 4 R[T] w X - ------------ 2 2 R[-Z] R[Z]

I don't know if this will magically appear on the post as it does on my worksheet.  I suspect not because of the quotation marks and the '>' symbol above.  Where they came from I have no idea  If it does magically appear, then you won't see these extra symbols.  So I'd better describe what I see.

The original expression occupies three lines separated by Shift-Enter and spaces for clarity.  The displayed expression is the same after the subexpression "+epsilon[x]*w*" (after the '>' symbol in the above), but ignores everything before it.

I tried to clean up the expression by selecting all of it, converting it to 1D Math, deleting the extraneous symbols (including ';'), then converting it back to 2D Math.  It refused the back-conversion, claiming "`;` unexpected" and "'`)` unexpected".  I can't see an `;` anywhere in the 1D Math form, nor an unmatched `)` - all the parentheses were correctly recognized as matched pairs, _except_ for the ones around the term '2*R[-Z]-Z'.

It looks like the problem is the extraneous symbols that aren't apparent in the original 2D Math expression.  What is the recommended way to clean this up now, and avoid it in the future?


- Dushan Mitrovich


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