Question: Set Spreadsheet Values to be Scientific Notation?

<p>How do I force values to be shown in scientific notation in a spreadsheet? The Format:Numeric Formatting ... menu selection seems to have no effect in this case. I also can find no option (ie hfloat) or interface parameter (ie Digits) that can be run within a function that will "massage" numbers to be scientific notation.</p>
<p>My application is ... I have a table of values and am doing a calculation ...</p>
<p>DT := table():</p>
<p>CalculateDT := proc(x)<br />
    global DT;<br />
    local ic;<br />
    for ic from 1 to 6 do<br />
       DT[ic] := (..... some function of x and ic .... );<br />
    end do<br />
end proc:</p>
<p>(.... display values of DT in a spreadsheet according to index ic ....)</p>
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