Question: Maple 11 Physics Package: Indicial Notation Derivative Question

I need to calculate derivative of a scalar function psi, which depends upon the scalar theta and tensor G[i] using the diff command and indicial notation capability of the recently included Physics package. My actual equation is longer, but here I am only including the terms needed to present my question. Please see below:



> with(Physics):





Error, (in Check) while checking the right-hand-side of the given `=`, found different free indices in different operands of a sum; in operand 1: [], in operand 2: [i]

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After the check command is run, Maple correctly, considers the first term to have no free index, but thinks that the second term has a free index "i". Whereas it is clear from the equation that second term does not have any free index as well. Is this due to some bug in the new physics package or am I doing something wrong here? Could someone show me the correct method? Thanks Pawan Takhar
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