Question: Efficient parametrization of unitary matrices

Hello Maple community, although I'm using Maple (now version 11) for quite a while now, I still have problems in designing and writing efficient procedures. Within the context of quantum information theory, I want to write a procedure that parametrizes unitary matrices of arbitrary dimension NxN (in order to perform an optimization over this space). For the beginning, I just want to create random unitary matrices of a given dimension. For this, I implemented the formulas for the "Generalized Euler angle parametrization" (math-ph/0205016). This involves first the creation of N^2-1 matrices that serve as generators for SU(N) and, in a second step, several matrix exponentials and matrix products. These two steps I put in two procedures ("hermitian_basis" and "parametrize_unitary_Euler") (see the linked worksheet). Download 711_random unitary.mws
View file details In principle, this seems to work but, unfortunately, it is really slow (so that one cannot use it inside some optimization loop later!). Interestingly, I saw a very similar implementation for Matlab which also uses this parametrization for unitary matrices (available from On my laptop (Intel CoreDuo 2.3GHz, 2GB RAM, running Win XP), the Matlab code seems to return a random unitary almost instantly where my Maple code takes several seconds, i.e. we are talking about roughly one order of magnitude difference in speed! So the question is: What did I do wrong? I already used caching of the generator matrices (and store them as sparse). I used evalf wherever it seemed appropriate for me. Since everything involving matrices cannot be compiled so easily, I guess this is also no solution... So, how can I remove stupid bottlenecks? I'm grateful for any hint. Thanks in advance!
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