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Hi everybody,
I have these two (three) animations (a single animation and a array with two other animations) and I would like to plot the three animations such that when I click on the play button of one of them, all the three animations starts at the same time.. I don't know how to get this, please help me if you can!
This is the code of my animations that I'd want to run at the same time:

The first:


Is it possible in Maple to choose the dimensions for a plot? I mean to choose the height and the width of the plot?
For example, to enlarge the plot to the whole width of the maple page? Is it possible?
I need to do this because I have to plot together objects of different dimensions
 and so the smaller ones look too small, so I would like to enlarge the plot to solve the problem. 

I want to get the formula for frequency at resonance peak (   ωn=ω*sqrt(1 - 2*ζ2)   ) in Maple 15, starting from the transfer function

                      G(s) := 1/(1+2*zeta*s/omega[n]+(1/(omega[n])^2)*s^2);

I wrote these lines but I haven't obtained the results I wanted:

> restart:
> sys := TransferFunction(1/((1+0.1*s)(1+0.002*s+0.0001*s^2)));
> BodePlot(sys,range=10^(-1)..10^(3));

I get the following warning:
             Warning, transfer-function(s) are not rational-polynomial(s) in s

Why?.. How can I make it work without any warning?

Thanks everybody for help!

When I try to solve a DAE system I got this error:

               Error, (in dsolve/numeric/DAE/applysub) numeric exception: division by zero

Any ideas?
Thanks everybody for help!

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