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Thanks very much for your reply. I studied your codes and tried to learn the logic you used.
I have a question.
Can you explain to me what "specfunc" creates?
What is the difference between, for example, specfunc(identical(x^2), sin) and specfunc(sin)?
What is "identical(*)"?
I would appreciate it if you could guide me.

Best wishes


Thanks very much for your reply.

It is very difficult to realize. As you said, there is no useful documentation in Maple's help. 

If possible, please write a code to extract only (-4*sin(x)) from the mentioned expression. Moreover, please create a separate command to extract only (2*exp(y^2)).

I have another question: Do you have any references to help me learn about this issue?

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

@nm Thanks very much


Very excellent

Thanks very much


Very excellent

Would you please explain more about 'seriestorec' and 'rectodiffeq'?

Thanks very much


Before anything, I thank you for your attention to my problem. As @nm said, I need to move all terms, including u(x,t), into the left side of the equation, and all source terms are moved to the right side. I confused you by saying, "I want all terms with 'diff' to be moved to the left side of the equation and all source terms to be moved to the right side of the equation." Therefore, I sincerely apologize and ask you to update the code.


Thanks very much. 


Dear acer,

I am surprised by your coding style when writing this transformation. Is it possible to explain to me the different parameters used in the define command, such as nonunit, algebraic, conditional, anything, identical, freeof, and _type. I looked at the Maple Help about the define command, but I didn't see any professional code like what you wrote.

In addition, during the coding process, I realized that I needed to transform the unknown function f(x), for example, in the expression 3*t*x^(-2)+4*alpha*t^4*f(x). The result of the transformation should be 3*t*T(1/x^2)+4*alpha*t^4*T(f(x)). Do you have any ideas on improving the code to cover this expression?

Best wishes

@acer Thank you very much

Best wishes

@acer Thanks very much for explaining in detail. 

@tomleslie I always have a problem extracting the coefficients of "diff" functions in the expression. I saw you used "op~" to extract the coefficients in chebyshev(exp(x),x). 
Is it possible to apply a simillar way to take the coeffiecients of the expression including "diff"? For example, let me assume the following expresstion:
Now, the coefficeints of diff(y(x),x,x), diff(y(x),x), and y(x) are 2*ln(x), 2*x, and sin(x)*x^2, respectively. 
How can I extract the above coefficients by coding in such a way you used for chebyshev(exp(x),x) or any other way you know?

@acer Thanks very much for consuming your time.
Would you please more tell about "specfunc" and its applications?
Best wishes


Thanks very much for presenting a simple way to solve my problem. I wish you more explain what "tuning" is and give me an example about.
Best wishes


Thanks very much for your attention to my problem
The mentioned procedures, especially the last one, are excellent. I think that the last procedure could be employed by Maple as a built-in procedure to overcome the drawback of the construction of sub- and superscribed variables in 1-D math.


Thanks veru much

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