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@acer this worked!! Thank you so so much! You honestly helped me a lot!! Thanks!

@acer, @acer 29411 this is so great!! Thank you so so much!! Last question: I tried to export the animation. However maple only gives me the option to save the animation as a picture (for example as a GIF or jpeg). I would like to present the animation within my power point presentation. Can you help me with this one last time?

I only changed the colors: "zgradient", [gold, blue]

Thank you so so much in advance!!

@acer @acer 29411

I was looking for this upload option and couldnt find it so far.
Thank you so much! Honestly, this is so kind of you - amazing!! :-)


@ acer 29406, wow, that looks amazing!! Thank you so much!
That is almost what I was looking for. 
- I might come from a different field as Im actually a tax proffessor having almost no experience in coding. Id love to show my students a certain tax effect with this graph. and therefor it would be great if the animation would be a bit slower and stop at the ankle 180, 0, 180. The final view shows the indifference curve.

- Maybe this is an issue because Im using Maple 2021, but when I paste the code in my worksheet, the animation is not working.
- Your surface looks different to mine.

Thank you so much already! Didnt expect an answert this fast :-)
Kind regards

@acer 25561 and Carl Love 23195, Im really overwhelmed of such fast and amazing help! Thank you!!

@acer 25551One last question, is it possible to plot only V1 = 25000, V1 = 50000, V1 = 75000, V1 = 100000, so only 5 colored areas instead of eight?

Thank you so much in advance! Rebekka

acer 25551 really thank you!!!! You  plotted both so fast! Thank you so much!!

@acer 25551 thats incredible and so fast! Thank you so so much!!! 

@acer 25544 I use Maple 2021. Here is the link, sorry for not uploading it yet.
Thanks so much in advance! Best regards, Rebekka

@tomleslie 11308

thanks for the hint! Is the link working? Best regards, Rebekka

@mmcdara one last question... do you know how to color the area above the curve PLOT3D(CURVES(Zero_Curve_3D)gray?

Thank you so so much!

Dear @mmcdara this is more than I expected!! Really amazing!!
Thank you so so so much!! :))


@mmcdara Thank ou so much again!

Im currently trying to plot the sensitivity analysis (final aim). The aim is to findthe sensitivity of the indifference curve (Zero_Curve_3D) regarding h:=2..6 and r=0.1..0.5. Unfortunately I'm lost again....

I was trying to work with the LSA (ScientificErrorAnalysis).

Thats what I got so far, but it doesnt work out at all... :

Y := Zero_Curve_3D
Y_h := diff(Y, h)

with ScientificErrorAnalysis;
V := Y -> diff(Y, E)^2*V(E) + diff(Y, T)^2*V(T) + 2*Covariance(E, T)*diff(Y, E)*diff(Y, T);

Thank you so so much!!

@mmcdara wow, this is amazing!!! I'm incredibly thankful, your answer made my day!

@mmcdara Thank you very much for your respond!!
My question was'nt concerning the sensitivity analysis, but the indifference curve. Do you know how to derive the plot in 3D-format (E,T and S_TEV or S_P (for S_P-S_TEV=0) and the corresponding data frame?

Thank you very much in advance!

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