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Thank you.
Indeed, i noticed this section.
However, i didn't see in the section the parameters. So, it's hard to select if i want them to be symbolic or numeric.
I send you a picture so as to you can better see my situation.

Thank you for your help

very good.

And now how can i do to have these equations (AEs) with also symbolic parameters.

Indeed, in the model, the variables are symbolic but the parameters are numeric. But it seems that you can have the result with also symbolic parameters.

How do you do to have the equations with symbolic parameters ?

For the moment, i have tried to put letter instead values for the parameters but it blocks the simulation. So, i think the letter to have symbolic equations should be put after the simulation. 

Great ! Thank you for your help !

I have another point which disturbs me. Why i didn't have any algebric equations Aes with the model 2Dslidercrank ?

I thought that i should have an algebric equation corresponding to the geometric closure of the system.


Thank you for your help.

Indeed, by unckeckhng the compiler option, the simulation can be launched. However, i don't understand how it is possible to have results wittout compiler ? I seems it's no use for me to install 32 bits and i can keep like this (that is to say without the option compiler!).

An other question, after the simulation is finished, i wanted to obtain the symbolic equation generated. How can i do to obtain the symbolic equation ? 

Thank you for help

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