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t is removed from gamma(t)










subs(gamma(t) = gamma(t), (1+(cos(alpha(t))^2-1)*cos(gamma(t))^2)^(1/2))










Download arg_removed.mw

Q1: clicking on a variable in the attached I get

What does it mean and how can I fix that when it happens?


Q2: Why are initial conditions which are set to "Ignore" listed as "Guess"?

I intend to use the initialization diagnostics to filter a model for components that have initial conditions set. In the attached example (excerpt from a larger model), this does not work the way I want it to (i.e. I don't want P1 to be listed a guess).


Q3: The app seems to be a powerfull tool. Is it explained somewhere how to use the app to debug a model?

How can I achieve something like this (i.e. an output in a worksheet)?

It is important that the variables of the lables match the columns.

In the attached file is a typical dataset. A display of row lables would be optional.

Context: Easier interpretation (of the structure) of a Jacobian and subsequent manual solving the equations of interest that correspond to the rows.



What I want to achieve with a command is the following image, in which the elements of a matrix that are not zero are displayed in black

This can be accomplished with the Browse Matrix Dialouge, but I want to make such images part of the worksheet. (Display of the full matrix is important.)
Context: Re-execution of worksheets will allow for quick verification of changes in Jacobians.

Multibody exports from MapleSim to Maple convert a symbolic expression to a rational quotient:

The parameters (parameter "a" above) disappear in the exported equations. How can I prevent this (conversion of sqrt3 and disapprence of "a")?



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