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The original proposal to add a visual marker to the components in the workspace is unlikely to provide a quick and complete overview for complex models.

I recently found that the initialization diagnostics app basically provides such an overview. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work, and sometimes it lists components that are set to ignore (see Q1 and Q2 in https://www.mapleprimes.com/questions/234537-Initialization-Diagnostics-Questions). Also, it is not possible to quickly check and change ICs in the model workspace (complex models can have many components with similar names, which makes finding components even more difficult).

For these reasons, I think a new item in the Model Tree for filtering components with ICs set would be the best place for a quick and complete overview.  A click on a list element would provide direct access to the ICs for checking and/or changing.

I have already submitted a software change request, but cannot provide more background to it. So I do it here.


I was not aware of this type of routing in the schematics. MapleSim uses the same type of routing for several physical domains, including electrical. Connections to a connection line are modeled with a dot. Such a connection is not mandatory. I (and probably other users) prefer to connect component to component. In such situations, ambigeous layouts are possible because MapleSim adds gaps to the routing where the lines are actually connected. Gaps are also added when connection lines cross.
It seems that this new way of layouting does not require gaps. How it works in multidomain layouts is hard to say without trying it.

Thanks for pointing out the new way of layouting.

@one man 

Perhaps the difference can be explained by the type of joints? Does your model correspond to the use of universal joints?

I used exclusively revolute joints.