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My name was formerly Carl Devore.

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In the following code, why is B returned unevaluated?

A:= a:  B:= 2:
F:= _a-> eval(`if`(A,B,C), a= _a):

How does one view the Maple code that controls embedded components in a worksheet? I've looked at every menu on the toolbar and every context menu I could find, but nothing seems to fit.

Is there any way to detect programmatically that a WARNING has been issued? A method that converts WARNINGs to errors would be acceptable.

"Your Unread Contributions" is broken as of the updates made to MaplePrimes yesterday. It now simply lists every thread that I've contributed to since the update even though I've actually read all the most-recent activity in those threads.

I wanted to add this as a Comment to the "Updates in MaplePrimes" thread, but I can't do that either.

I cannot make an Answer or Reply to the Recent Question "Nonlinearfit problem". When I click "Submit", I get the message "Sorry, something went wrong." I am able to make Answers, even the first Answer, to other Questions.

Also, I cannot make a Comment to the Post "Updates to MaplePrimes" even though I can make Comments to other posts. The same thing happens: "Sorry, something went wrong."

And here is my Answer, in case that Asker sees it here:

Title: numapprox[minimax]

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