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I have been a teacher of mathematics for over 30 years. My main interests are in the teaching of mathematics and in effectively incorporating modern technologies such as computer algebra systems (MAPLE), graphing calculators, multimedia, etc. into the mathematics courses at NSAC as a means of building up the students confidence, competence and the level of relevance of mathematics in all of their endeavours.

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I recently posted to the Applications Center a set of class notes and a solutions manual for the exercises to accomany a course in Multivariable Calculus. These notes are a result of teaching this course for the last number of years to Engineering students at NSAC and they have found them to be benificial. I am interested in any comments and/or suggestions on how they could be improved for later editions. Link to Application on Maplesoft App Center
I have been teaching University Math courses and recently posted two worksheets about pendulums. The first is on the double pendulum and the latest is for a pendulum with a moving pivot. These are just two of the problems presented to my students in their introductory Differential Equations course at the NSAC. I am interested in any comments about either worksheet. View 4221_double on MapleNet or Download 4221_double
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