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This also appears to occur in Maple 2022

@dharr thanks I didn't actually know that command existed.

@acer right, thanks for the refresher in my narrow mindedness. 

The plot command sees it differently.

@dharr I like the dot option would be the most acceptable and make the cleanest looking schmatic. 

@acer So, which output form would you come to conclude on paper? 


I don't believe the latter would be accepted.

**edit** Not saying it's wrong, granted this is the way computer algebra systems work.  But if I'm not mistaken Maple was advertising how it's output displays as it would on paper. 

@ Sometimes it could simply be that MapleFlow hasn't let you out of a container and so won't allow access to the context panel.  If you post here we could have a look as well.

I just realized this has gone unanswered and it's suggesting something that doesn't work when it does.  So to clear it up...

The above works absolutely fine unless and I believe that the problem the OP is experiencing is VM or V or M has been assigned something.  You can assign sigma subscript whatever to anything you want and it works perfectly fine in MapleFlow 2022.0

Seems to me Maple is the only one doing it properly by not evaluating an ambiguous expression.  Mathematica is assuming a^b^c = (a^b)^c.  Or is it that one expects a a^b^c without brackets always to equal (a^b)^c.  IMHO Mathematica is being reckless in making that assumption.

Maybe you can get algsubs to work.

@Rouben Rostamian  In Maple 2016.1 I get this, using Windows 7.  Maple 2017.1, 2018, 2019 and 2020 produce the correct display.

display(tubeplot([cos(t), 0, sin(t)], t = -Pi .. Pi, radius = .2), tubeplot([cos(t), sin(t), 0], t = -Pi .. Pi, radius = .2), style = surface, color = [red, red])


getdata was introduced in Maple 15.  He will have to use tomleslie's approach.

@Will_iii You can upload .zip files but since your original was deleted there's no point, you got the correct result - what the error actually was is up for speculation.  The main culprit being, Rc wasn't assigned a value when you evaluated f. 

Probably in the next release or maybe an update functionality to copy mass equations will be an option.

@Will_iii You likely forgot the colon and entered Rc=R2 instead of Rc:=R2

yes alex_b has it.  Your evaluation of Rc is somewhere else.  Remember the sheet follows a top to bottom, left to right approach. If you could upload your worksheet we would spot the error immediately instead of a rough estimation of what you might have done.

Bulk equation copy seems not to be able to be done in Mapleflow

So now I'm digging for solution.

After creating a matrix that works and executing, so the A matrix works, I run lprint and it returns this:
Matrix(3,3,{(1, 2) = 1, (2, 3) = 1, (3, 1) = -1, (3, 2) = -4, (3, 3) = -6},
datatype = anything,storage = rectangular,order = Fortran_order,shape = [])

Copying into notepad returns nothing unusual
A := Matrix(3, 3, [[0, 1, 0], [0, 0, 1], [-1, -4, -6]])

However, as stated before, starting from scratch and executing we get the error.  Running lprint returns a simple one worded answer

However when you create another matrix from the context panel which fails produces an rtable lprint result

*****edit added*******

Pasting into notepad from scratch produces what Preben Alsholm is showing

A:= [ [[0,1,0],[0,0,1],[-1,-4,-6]] ]:

copying that into maple and executing produces an empty number error.


.. and will cause any further matrix constructions to fail

A list of a listlist is allowed.  I tried inserting spaces every which way possible and could not replicate the error.  I copied and pasted as well, however it didn't paste a list of listlists it pasted the matrix as it appeared.  

If PainedMushroom could describe how he entered the Matrix or list of listlists, it would help in understanding how the error came up. 

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