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@Will_iii Not exactly sure what you mean.

X:='X'   clears the variable.

X= returns X as it should when nothing is assigned to it.  If you query any variable you haven't assigned in MapleFlow it will return itself as the value.  That is if b hasn't been used yet and you type b= then the return is b.

But also remember that the sheet still reads from top to bottom, left to right.  So if you're entering anything before your clearing assignment X:='X', then it will (as it should) return whatever that variable has been assigned by, on your canvas,

If I type in the search bar "sowpods" nothing comes up.  I know there are at least 2 posts using the word sowpods.  The fact that nothing comes up suggest the search is slightly broken.

It does not appear to happen in Maple 2020 on another system.

Does it occur 2022?  or in 2021.2?

@Carl Love Last 2 weeks?  That makes it sound like it's related to internet connectivity.  I think it has to be a bug or a setting.  Wouldn't it be an autocheck setting of some sort in the preferences?  

Does anyones system slow down?  Here's the worksheet.

Clarification, entering math is slow.  Text mode is fine, but entering in math is slow.

Hmm.. I don't have java installed.  That's odd, doesn't Maple require java to run?

Also I'm running in the GUI on a laptop.

Make math and text containers transparent so any underlying image can show through the container. 

So an example would be if two math containers above and below one another with integration with limits the containers will blank out portions of the equation as in this example, notice the missing parts in the equations

lower container on top

upper container on top

@Will_iii You're missing brackets.  See comments below in red.

his Works: convert(2 Unit(rad),degrees)=114.592*degrees*rad

No Workie: convert(2*Unit(degrees),units,radians)Add the bracket and it will work

NoWorkie: convert(2*Unit(degrees),units,radians; Don't use ; MapleFlow doesn't work with that see above

No Workie: convert(2*Unit(degrees), radians)=   See above you're missing units

@tomleslie as you wrote it, convert does work.  I had faith and I expected it to, so scaryness averted.

I'm not sure what Will is doing, but restart isn't a command to be using in mapleflow, also the semicolons are not necessary but I wouldn't expect an mw sheet to be compatible with mapleflow.  In fact the answer MapleFlow returns is 6.283 rad - changing to symbolic answer will give the 2 Pi answer.

@Will_iii Same, having a blast, MapleFlow is pretty cool even with a few bugs that will likely easily be cleaned up in an update.

I recently had an issue with an image overlapping equations and not being able to move the image behind them, but simple enough workaround was to just move the equations to the front. 


Not sure, but it looks like if you specify more of one dimension than another it considers the majority as the deciding factor.

You can always adjust it in the right context menu.  Standard SI units is radians, but you can force it one way by majority it seems.

****edit added*** However the SI units for length is meters so no matter how many inches and cm are put together if there are both types of measurements it will default to meters, of course the single designation of cm or inches will result in an answer with cm or inches.

Thanks!  That makes it clear.

From the help page it's not clear that a call to the top level package must be made twice in order to use it in the long form without using with,  note: with command is not supported in MapleFlow.

Great to know it can be locked for the worksheet.

By design reason, I think I heard an explanation in one of the webinars.  Designed for engineers rather than mathematicians.  Since it can be changed and locked I don't think it would be necessary to have the option globally.

I'm not sure if it's by design but math containers containing constants (ie Pi or e ) are automatically set to numeric.

I am suggesting that they automatically be symbolic.  Perhaps even have a user preferences setting where all math containers can be set as numeric or symbolic wherever possible unless of course individually set. 

So the reason lambda/4 did not simplify to Pi/2 was because the variable lambda was set to numeric and it was done automatically so just be aware of that. 


So long as lambda/4 has been set to symbolic, when you designate lambda:=2*Pi as symbolic, lambda/4 will follow suite


I will suggest improvement in the MapleFlow improvement thread.

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