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That's a bit disappointing.  Maybe it's something they(maplesoft) need to think about.

That's a bit disappointing.  Maybe it's something they(maplesoft) need to think about.

replace   plots[display](P1,P2, scaling=constrained);

with   plots[display](Plot1,Plot2, scaling=constrained);

replace   plots[display](P1,P2, scaling=constrained);

with   plots[display](Plot1,Plot2, scaling=constrained);

Thanks for the info.  It would be nice if someone put out a quick review of Aladjevs library package. 

And are these the only two major non-maplesoft add-in packages (Maple Advisor Database and Aladjevs library) aside from anything available on maplesofts application center?



I forgot to add the results in the initial post.

Maple returns

Error, (in Statistics:-Mean) unable to evaluate x to floating-point

So it seems that Maples routines cannot handle a list that includes a variable, however ...

and from the stats package from Karian and Tanis returns

2/3 x + 4/3. 

Not sure why Maples standard routine couldn't handle that?

Would be easier if the page break lines could be toggled for pdf pages. 

The print preview tip is a nice work-around, but still a bit of a hassle.

If I don't use page breaks, how do I know where a pdf exported page is split up from the maple worksheet?

Exactly, and if at some point someone were to read the thread of messages in the future and users had gone and edited their posts, some of the answers may become disjointed or unrelated to the re-edited message.  It could create some confusion.

The minor editing already available before someone replies, I find, is good enough.   

Just wondering if mapleprimes users could get a preview look of what the new mapleprimes will look like before it actually goes online? 

I have been enjoying the current mapleprimes site for quite some time, and I enjoy the current layout of the site.  The only negative I currently have about the site is the copy paste directly from maplepages, which as you stated won't be supported initially.  This, I hope, is a must and should be a high priority on your list. 

Not sure if it's just me, or if it's related to the changeover but the search function on mapleprimes hasn't been working for some time.  I've had to use google to search for something in mapleprimes.

It's up to maplesoft how they're going to do that.  I'm no programmer but maybe something like....

If "unable to evaluate the function to numeric values in the region" then increase the default range to some value that includes regions where the plot exists.

 That's for a plot where no values are specified.  Otherwise, as you said, it's up to the user to specify the range.  All I'm saying is if no range is specified to include the plot so it's at least visible. 

The default is okay in some cases.  I think it would be nice if when you plotted a function the default would expand to include at least some portions of the graph.  As in the case above if the y axis was from 0..1000 you would have seen the two plots but because the y-axis was so large 1e30 it failed to include one of the plots since at that scale the other plot had run out of the default size. 

Another case would be this simple plot which would not be shown in a default plot.


Since it occurs beyond the default values and therefore does not print.  I think Maple should automatically adjust to include any plot that exists outside the default range.

Search and ye shall find.  Seems I found the answer.  Right click on the task bar and the options are there to cascade or tile. 

Yes a theory is what I meant rather than an equation, I meant that in the simplest of sense.  When one gets tired, it's easy to slip up. 

Seems like questions fall into a few categories, simple, monotonous or the interesting and challenging as it were.  Simple - A new year always brings in new ideas but most seem to be questions regarding maples interface or quickshot questions which may have easily been solved with an hour or two going over the manual and help pages.  Usually the undergraduate hasn't got the time to figure it out so a sure fire answer is to lob a quick question in mapleprimes.  The frequency of these questions seem to decay almost in step with Newton's law of cooling.  Well maybe not, but close enough.

Monotany - Students are bombarded by hundreds of problems they want Maple to solve by just entering it in and pressing enter expecting a simple answer.  I suppose this usually where the questions of manipulating the answers come in.  But the monotonous onslaught of question after question from a textbook course could at times be quite boring.  I suppose at times they could be challenging and tax your brain to the limits which in itself does give some sense of satisfaction, interest and exhiliration when a solution is close at hand.

Interersting - I suppose this is where the fun lies.  I agree with Axel's applying maple to math and engineering.  Maybe I could toss in an interesting challenging problem at you ... hmm let's see ...  Like getting maple to spit out an animation of a superball with spin as it bounces up and down AND back and forth.  I think that would be cool to see, maybe not challenging for some or maybe, but I think it would be fun to put together.  The show Numbers comes to mind when it comes to math fun, again, it's the application of it that's fun.  I think the other aspect of this is ones own creativity, building equations and watching their animations come alive or using maple to do research for real world applications.  That's pretty cool.  Say like for cryptography or steganography in this case like using Maple to take a sound wave and mathematically embed it into another wave so the listener has no idea about any hidden messages within the wave unless digitally extracted.  Or how about embedding picture data into sound data or vice versa.  Or how about finding what equations put together would plot your name, that might be challenging I might give that one a shot myself. 

I don't know about anyone else but I go through phases where I want to spend a fair amount of time on Maple and other times really don't feel like playing around with it at all.  I am by no means an expert with maple, maybe one day.  Also the applications on the maplesoft website are sometimes boring and sometimes interesting.  I suppose there's an equation that could best describe the frequency of these occurances.  Hmm.. an equation that describes everything.  I believe Einstein was trying to find that very thing.  Imagine what he might have done with Maple.... anyways sorry for the digression, boredome seems to die out as students become more proficient with maple and start exploring new avenues of thought and research. 

Just my two cents.  Cheers!

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