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@Gillee  Thanks for trying but typing the characters on screen is painful.

I ran for N=5 and the real time was 4.314 s.  Yes seconds!  Not even milliseconds.

I see you're using windows 11.  So I think the problem is Windows7.  Can anyone or maplesoft confirm Maple 2021 or Maple 2022 is not designed for use with Windows7?

It's not a maple requirement to have JRE installed.  But would Maple run faster if it were installed?

@Axel Vogt with no output it is faster.  But as output fills the screen the slower it gets.  I don't believe that should occurr.

Going to Maple 2020 there is no slowdown. 

These are the system requirements for the latest 3 versions of Maple shown below.  Maple 2020 was the last supported version of Windows 7.  Now it doesn't mean it can't run on windows 7 just that if you're using Windows 7 with 2021 or 2022 any problems found in Windows7 but not in any of the listed requirement versions then it likely won't be fixed. 

Not many people are mentioning slowdowns with their Maple 2022 or 2021 versions so I suspect they're all using the system requirement Windows 10 version.  I have to ask, do most people find using Maple 2021 or 2022 with Windows 10 or 11 experience no problems in typing delays???