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@QM Oh Sign in, ok.  Actually I forgot about that, probably because I never use it - and probably why I've never noticed it missing.  I closed and re-opened Maple a few times on 2021.1 and 2022.0 and so far haven't had an occurrence of the sign in disappearing

@QM It is quite surprising. 

 I have contacted Maplesoft and made them aware of the issue.

Looks like it was overlooked.  But yes it would mean the online help pages are only up to date to Maple 2021, that means all of 2022 was missed!  The other possibility is that it didn't get linked properly.  I find it hard to believe that the online help pages could have gone through all of 2022 without being updated. 


Happy to say the issue is fixed or doesn't occurr in Maple 2023.

@QM What is sig in?  I can't see it, can you point it out?  Otherwise it looks perfectly normal to me.

The fault also exists in Maple 2021.  I can't verify if it exists in Maple 2023.

@acer Thanks for your solution variant.

Actually the font size or font width doens't matter.  Only concerned about the number of characters within the output.  It could contain non-ASCII characters, and the whitespace need not be removed. 

The trailing / I thought was what maple used as a continuation of an answer.  Actually sorry I meant the forward slash, mistake on my use.

@Carl Love I didn't intend to remove the spaces, I actually just forgot they were included in the output.

As for the output, it's mainly for text solutions, didn't have intention for plots. 

@mmcdara Thanks, I came across that this morning

@mmcdara Thanks.  That achieves the proper outcome. 

It seems the only other way aside from converting the answer to a string is to constrain the output in an output container like a table to put the answer in.  .Otherwise it uses the full window of Maple.

It looks like it might just be a nuisance bug the diagnostic is throwing out there, probably something in the coding that got missed.  Likely will get cleaned up in the next update.

It appears the links to the 2023 manuals are updated.

@Ronan Oh, I see, you are right.  It appears someone has not linked the hyperlinks proplerly.  Or someone decided the programming guide for 2022 is indifferent to 2021.

If you go to the manuals for prior versions it will list tabs from 2022 downward.  Opening the 2022 should get you the 2022 Programming Guide.  As for 2023, it doesn't appear updated yet, I'm sure they will have it updated this week.

Page doesn't appear to exist anymore.  I did a search for it in the search and it came up, Dec 22, 2022 but clicking on it says the page doesn't exist. Someone must have deleted it. 

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