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It looks like a combination of using Windows10 with Windows XP in a virutal machine will provide the best coverage for all versions of Maple. 

@charlie_fcl What version of Linux are you using?  I'm not too familiar with Linux but I recall most software through wine works best with Ubuntu. 

Alternatively you could always use Oracle VM virtualbox and use that virtual environment inside linux to install windows and from there can use Maple that way if you want. The difference is, it chews up more hard drive space (because you're installing another full operating system) and resources are shared with the host machine - but it's guaranteed to work.  WineHQ is not so much guaranteed like you've shown it doesn't appear to work but WineHQ is a much smaller footprint.  Personally I've never had much luck with Wine, I've always resorted to virtualbox.  With windows I use virtualbox to intstall older versions of windows for older software - works for my purposes.

@charlie_fcl It might run on the wine application in linux. 

There is some comparisons you might find here some old and some up to date.  It might offer some insight.

What is the purpose if knowing that Maple 16 might be faster than 2019?  Did you want to revert to an older version of Maple if that were the case?  And why would you do that if there have been significant improvements otherwise, since then?

@Carl Love Thanks for that.  In my opinion I think the default should be 100%. 

Regarding the error I'm getting above, I'm still getting the error using Import.  I tried adding the tag ,TrustServerCertificate=true but that didn't work.  I've enabled it through my firewall so it doesn't appear that is the reason.  But strange it's occurring on all versions 2019, 2018 on my windows 7 machine.  That being the case, it seems possibly a setting has changed (but I don't know if it ever worked before). 

I can access the file through firefox which leads me to believe it's an issue with Maple.  I'm using Maple 2020.1, so if someone else using that version could verify, I could narrow my issue further.

**edit add**  Confirmed that it seems to be localized to my computer.  I should maybe uninstall and re-install and take it from there but if it occurs on the earlier versions of maple then a re-install probably won't solve my issue. 

@Stephen Forrest 

So once I've loaded the file for example


It's a 63kb file

How do I write the file?
If I use


It doesn't write all the bytes.  How do i write all the bytes?  Or does it need to?  Why doesn't it?

I'm using windows 7.  It could be a windows setting somewhere.

**edit add** It works on my other laptop windows7, there were some issues that were coming up but they disappeared and then it worked - both using firefox but I doubt the browser has anything to do with it. 

I might be on my own here if no one else has experienced, or is experiencing, the same issue.

@Stephen Forrest Thanks but still doesn't work - same error.  I failed to mention I'm using Maple 2020.

@ecterrab alias:-Show is almost a hidden undocumented functionality.  Thanks for showing that example!  It would be helpful to include that in on the alias help page. 

@Carl Love , yes thank you for the correction.  Also, before Acers reply I was improperly using assume, and his clarification cleared it up.

@acer Thank you for the explanation

@acer ok, I thought it could be done. 

Only kludgery will work to get +x as a leading term.  Imagine sort had the ability to sort powers? (but I digress).  There's no real vaue in doing so, except for asthetics or preferences. 

So back to the original challenge, here's my kludgery







@acer Using subs you can get Maple to output your second instance of the toy equation as

b*(a - Q - a*sqrt(f)) - b*(a - K - a*sqrt(f)) - b^2 - 1

Thanks dharr for the map alternative.

Thanks acer for the seq options.

Maybe I should also be considering Threads:-Seq or Grid:-Seq?

Upload your worksheet. 

Likely something offscreen or something that's been done we can't see.  Uploaded your worksheet will help us further diagnose the issue. 

** You probably have a Maple initialization file that contains code generating the error.  So every new document will contain this error because it runs the initialization file automatically. 

** You could also try interface(typesetting=standard) and see if the issue goes away. 

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