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Not sure, but it looks like if you specify more of one dimension than another it considers the majority as the deciding factor.

You can always adjust it in the right context menu.  Standard SI units is radians, but you can force it one way by majority it seems.

****edit added*** However the SI units for length is meters so no matter how many inches and cm are put together if there are both types of measurements it will default to meters, of course the single designation of cm or inches will result in an answer with cm or inches.

Thanks!  That makes it clear.

From the help page it's not clear that a call to the top level package must be made twice in order to use it in the long form without using with,  note: with command is not supported in MapleFlow.

Great to know it can be locked for the worksheet.

By design reason, I think I heard an explanation in one of the webinars.  Designed for engineers rather than mathematicians.  Since it can be changed and locked I don't think it would be necessary to have the option globally.

I'm not sure if it's by design but math containers containing constants (ie Pi or e ) are automatically set to numeric.

I am suggesting that they automatically be symbolic.  Perhaps even have a user preferences setting where all math containers can be set as numeric or symbolic wherever possible unless of course individually set. 

So the reason lambda/4 did not simplify to Pi/2 was because the variable lambda was set to numeric and it was done automatically so just be aware of that. 


So long as lambda/4 has been set to symbolic, when you designate lambda:=2*Pi as symbolic, lambda/4 will follow suite


I will suggest improvement in the MapleFlow improvement thread.

@Will_iii Oh okay.  I think you'll have to define it as 2*Pi radians.  It's not something held internally by Maple.  I believe you will have to define it on your canvas. 

So define lambda as lambda:=2*Pi CTRL+SHIFT+U rad
  on your canvas


then anything you use with lambda will be converted the way you would like. 


**edit add - strangely changing the form to symbolic doesn't simplify to Pi/2 however 2*Pi/4 when changed to symbolic does work.  **

@Samir Khan Thanks for the replies. 

For clarification

2. If you want to delete a container, you need to left mouse click and hold to keep it a light blue box then press delete.  If you click and move you can release the button and the box stays light blue at which point you can delete it.  If you click once and release on the container you enter the container and can't click on the edge, you have to exit the container then re- click on it and move or hold to delete.  Sorry if my clarification is a bit convoluted.

4. Choosing grid spacing size would be a nice option.   

While entering lines at the standard vertical spacing if a math container contains an exponent the line above is slightly eclipsed and text becomes partially hidden.  It's as if the containers are not transparent to other overlapping containers. 

Possible improvement - be able to set grid spacing or make containers transparent, it could be something to do with the background highlight ability 

Fine vertical adjustment CRTL + SHIFT + up or down is not possible - currently limited to coarse grid spacing adjustments. 

@tomleslie Ok thanks.  Sorry yes I did set it to Maple, really sorry about the confusion. BTW I actually mentioned MapleFlow near the end. 

However, because of the alternatives I hope that doesn't mean the long form will not be adressed since technically it should work as stated in the help file.

@Will_iii that information is only available in Maple.  You can't access the maple help file through MapleFlow.  I'm guessing you don't have a version of Maple available. 

@tomleslie so yes the alternatives for Maple will work.  However for MapleFlow, none of those solutions will work.

Samir in the adjacent qustion provided a single line solution for MapleFlow.  evalf(ScientificConstants:-Constant(c))

@Samir Khan Great thanks!

So the way around is to use the GetConstant which does work


Actually in MapleFlow, this only works if a variable is first assigned to ScientificConstants[GetConstant](g)[3]

Interesting.  My idea was to not have to type = to evaluate, where enter would make the happen automatically.  As we know <tab> is a way out of a container without evaluation. 

Places for improvements

So I picked out a few quirks I've found while using MapleFlow 2022

1 - CRTL + SHIFT + arrow is supposed to move the container 1 pixel.  Only works left and right, not up and down.

2 - Containers, when selected with the mouse, the button has to be held while pressing delete to delete.  I mentioned earlier the container had to be moved slightly, but that is not necessary.

3- Horizontal alignment between math and text containers are slightly off.  It looks like in the 2021 video on MapleFlow the alignment is ok so this could be a regression.

4 - Containers are always snapped to a grid point, they are not always placed exactly where you leave them.

5 - Can't just copy and paste a drawing from a Maple Canvas (As a side improvement for maple - to be able to draw an angle between two lines exactly at a specific angle, and also to be able to dimension lines to specific lengths)

One thing that is different or takes getting used to is adding the = sign for evaluation.

I find I always expect an evaluation after typing an equation in, forgetting that I need the = sign.  However I see the logic that when you write an equation on paper, the = is present.  To make it better it could be automatic, press enter to evaluate just like Maple.  And use tab to exit the container when one is just interested in the expression.

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