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If you go to the manuals for prior versions it will list tabs from 2022 downward.  Opening the 2022 should get you the 2022 Programming Guide.  As for 2023, it doesn't appear updated yet, I'm sure they will have it updated this week.

Page doesn't appear to exist anymore.  I did a search for it in the search and it came up, Dec 22, 2022 but clicking on it says the page doesn't exist. Someone must have deleted it. 

@Vector I ran into this problem a while ago.  Originally it worked, but then google changed it's framework so now you need to set up an account, I believe it's free.  I couldn't get it to work, at least I can't recall, I might have just given up there wasn't much interest for others to help I think, I will have to look back.  *****edit**add .. It appears I did get it to work in 2019 see except for the lat long.  I'll see if it still works and hopefully someone can provide an updated sheet where lat and long work ****

It was very cool when it initially worked.  I can look at it again this weekend, unless someone comes up with a helpful guide in the meantime.

For instance. I search with the key words "wood cutting" and I get back a list as below, ok somewhat good, only because when I put in the single word cutting it pulls up different results which I believe should be included in the first search. 

Even worse is when I click on a link that it pulls up (for example the second one for Dec 6, 2011) it pulls up a list of posts close to that date but you still have plow through a few more pages to find it at page 1544 when initially it takes us to page 1527.  It is seriously wrong and has been for quite some time. 

Even more disturbing is the advanced search of the same "wood cutting" returns zero results!

Does Maplesoft have any updates they can share?  Maybe it needs to be submitted as a software change request.

***edit added***  I tried to submit a sofware change request on mapleprimes but I recieve an Error Generating Request - I was hopefull but I'm not surprised that it doesn't work. 




Disable Font anti-aliasing in the Display options. 

After that, typing is no longer sluggish.

@acer Probably would have been a good idea to add this to the old thread. 

So, lets clear this up, I'm ignoring your last derogatory comment (I take full offense to being accused of being a spammer) sorry to be annoying, if that's all it was but I'm no spammer.  spammer : a person or organization that sends irrelevant or unsolicited messages over the internet, typically to large numbers of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, etc  I certainly don't consider my comments as being irrelavent nor am I phishing or malware.  Rephrasing your last sentence would be in good heart.

I'm adding one more piece of information that might help, hopefully, in finding a solution for Windows 7 users using Maple 2021 or 2022.

Here it is :  If the Maple window is filled with text (input or output) it doesn't matter, the system BOGS right down.  Now if I window Maple and shrink it so not much text is visible, typing becomes fast again.  Now back to full screen if I select all my text and delete it, the typing also becomes fast again. 

I tried installing the newest java, I tried updating the openJDK to version 19 by just replacing the the java folder with the newer version 19 - but Maple wouldn't start after I did that- so I returned the files as they were. I don't know how to add extra java options in the maple.ini file, I came across some where someone added the line -Dsun.java2d.d3d=false fixed the issue but adding that line was unrecognized when I ran maple (how should it be entered?)

I'm running it on a laptop with Widows Aero graphics.  I tried restart; and garbage collection gc(), but that didn't help.

As long as the text space is filled it is slow, so it must have something to do with the display. Windowing Maple so only a few lines are visible then it works fast.  Maple works fine otherwise.



I changed the title of this thread to better represent the content from (maple slow in calculations) to the current title, since it's not just calculations but typing as well.  

(BTW - Maple was installed on a completely wiped out system and fresh Windows7 install)

It is affects the GUI.  

Maybe it's possible that because OpenJDK is being used from Maple's installed directory and not a main "system" directory that it could be causing the slowdowns some people are witnessing.  (I'm not really sure, I'm just tossing that out there).  I dove into add/remove programs to notice that java or openJDK wasn't installed there, in my particular system java is only installed through the maple directory.

Maybe directories are handled differently between Windows7 and Windows 10/11.  Or maybe some kind of folder permission properties need to be set (administrator rights?) to certain folders or something. 

These settings might be relevant to users and of course would be helpful if those types of changes made a difference.  Right now, I don't know if they do, I'll have to look into it unless someone else stumbles across or knows of a fix in the meantime.  

More troubleshooting is required. 

@Christopher2222 Brian Hanley was reporting the same issues with [moderator: an unsupported version of] Linux I commented in there, but at the time I don't think I had been able to use Maple 2022 yet. 

He's mentioning typing and using a stop watch to see how long what he typed came out on the screen.

@acer Ok thanks.  I do appreciate the help.

So I am aware it's not an officially supported platform.  Thank you.  So now I am wondering if we can tweak it to get it to work normally with a few adjustmets - normally I mean that is having your typing appear in the GUI as fast as you type - without lag.  I don't think many out there still use Windows7 with Maple.  I know a lot of people who love Windows 7, but they do not use Maple. 

In the launch.ini I changed the #maxheap=700m to maxheap=2048m but that didn't help.  I'm guessing that option is more suited for the old Java JRE and not the new Open JDK. 

I also found somewhere that running

java -Xshare:dump 

would speed initial startup for Open JDK, so I added that to the launch.ini, but that only threw an error that it's not a supported command.  I'll keep trying.  Maybe someone can come up with a trick.

It's only in the GUI, and it only happens as more output fills the screen.  Why it doesn't happen in Windows 11, or 10 I don't know.

@acer So is that for sure the reason?  That it's slow for Windows 7? 

It would be nice if someone found a java workaround (which I think openJDK is the reason). 

@Gillee  Thanks for trying but typing the characters on screen is painful.

I ran for N=5 and the real time was 4.314 s.  Yes seconds!  Not even milliseconds.

I see you're using windows 11.  So I think the problem is Windows7.  Can anyone or maplesoft confirm Maple 2021 or Maple 2022 is not designed for use with Windows7?

It's not a maple requirement to have JRE installed.  But would Maple run faster if it were installed?

@Axel Vogt with no output it is faster.  But as output fills the screen the slower it gets.  I don't believe that should occurr.

Going to Maple 2020 there is no slowdown. 

These are the system requirements for the latest 3 versions of Maple shown below.  Maple 2020 was the last supported version of Windows 7.  Now it doesn't mean it can't run on windows 7 just that if you're using Windows 7 with 2021 or 2022 any problems found in Windows7 but not in any of the listed requirement versions then it likely won't be fixed. 

Not many people are mentioning slowdowns with their Maple 2022 or 2021 versions so I suspect they're all using the system requirement Windows 10 version.  I have to ask, do most people find using Maple 2021 or 2022 with Windows 10 or 11 experience no problems in typing delays???